Our Chocolates

Venezuela 70%

A flavorful dark ganache made with a robust, award-winning 70% chocolate from Venezuela

Venezuela 41%

A smooth ganache of 41% milk chocolate with a combination of caramel and nut flavors

Strawberry Balsamic

Vegan - Hand-painted heart filled with dark chocolate ganache melded with strawberries flavored with a reduction of balsamic vinegar

Passion Fruit

Award-winning Venezuelan white chocolate passion fruit mousse covered in dark chocolate

Mango Habanero

Two layers of chocolate mango mousse and a spicy dark chocolate ganache infused with fresh Habanero Pepper from Mexico and sprinkled with salt

Dulce de Leche

Creamy dulce de leche and smooth milk chocolate ganache covered in a dark chocolate shell

Pink Salt

A strong dark chocolate ganache with a touch of pink salt from the Himalayan Mountains


A fragranced dark milk chocolate ganache enhanced with premium tequila anejo

Earl Grey

A combination of dark and milk chocolate ganache infused with premium Earl Grey tea

Key Lime

A creamy milk chocolate ganache with a hint of fresh lime zest and juice in a hand-painted white chocolate couverture

Chai Spice

A dark chocolate ganache spiced with an infusion black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves


Fresh minced ginger combined with a dark chocolate ganache, enrobed in dark couverture

Peanut Butter & Berries

A creamy combination of dark chocolate ganache, crunchy peanut butter, and dried strawberry pieces

Coconut Almonds

Creamy coconut infused milk chocolate ganache with toasted almonds, enrobed in dark chocolate couverture

Bourbon & Cherry

Vegan - Fresh cherries mixed with Jim Beam’s Red Stag Bourbon blended with a dark chocolate ganache


Robust coffee ganache with a touch of cinnamon enrobed in creamy white chocolate

Orange Marzipan

Vegan - Tender almond marzipan with minced candied orange peels from Sicily and a hint of Grand Marnier in dark chocolate couverture

Cinnamon & Walnuts

A 41% milk chocolate ganache infused with cinnamon, blended with roasted walnuts and covered in milk chocolate

Vodka Citron

Intense dark ganache with a bouquet of Absolut Citron enrobed in dark chocolate couverture

Moroccan Tea

Bold dark ganache infused with a mixture of Moroccan mint and black tea

Port Wine

A dark chocolate mousse with a touch of Port wine


Mexican chipotle flavors a 61% Venezuela ganache, finished with dark chocolate couverture

Hazelnut Pralinè

Creamy hazelnut pralinè blended with milk chocolate ganache


A delicate milk chocolate cream combined with pistachio paste and roasted pieces

Irish Cream

A soft milk chocolate mousse blended with Bailey’s Irish Cream in a hand-painted white chocolate couverture

Blueberry Cardamon

Vegan - A creamy Blueberry chocolate ganache with a touch of cardamon and topped with pieces of dry blueberries

Salted Caramel

Creamy soft caramel with a hint of fleur de sel encased in a dark chocolate shell

Acai Pomegranate

Vegan - Acai berry merges with pomegranate juice in a creamy dark chocolate ganache


Dark chocolate ganache infused with a blend of Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Martini & Rossi Vermouth, and cherry juice

Orange Rum

Dark chocolate ganache with a bouquet of orange zest and Santa Teresa Orange Rum


A raspberry cream blended with 41% milk chocolate ganache in dark chocolate couverture

Strawberry and Cassis

Fresh strawberries mixed with sweet, dark red Crème de Cassis liqueur blended with dark chocolate ganache. Notes of strawberries and blackcurrants

Our Truffles


58.5% Venezuelan chocolate ganache with Italian Amaretto liqueur finished with handmade chocolate curls

Champagne Rosé

Milk chocolate mousse with a touch of champagne rose rolled in dust of pink sugar


A fragranced dark ganache with a hint of Double Oaked Woodford Reserve bourbon rolled in premium cacao powder

Café Café

61% Venezuelan milk chocolate ganache infused with aromatic Colombian coffee rolled in flavored sugar

Coconut Rum

Coconut cream with a hint of Malibu Rum merged in soft milk chocolate ganache


Creamy 41% milk chocolate ganache with a touch of hazelnut praline enrobed in roasted hazelnut pieces

Our French Macarons


Hints of fresh and crisp Sicilian lemons


Delicately crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. Madagascar vanilla notes


Fresh summer harvest raspberry jam inside a delicate and fresh soft shell


Sweet premium pistachio buttercream inside a colorful shell


Italian dark roast espresso notes on a light and crunchy shell

Dark Chocolate

Bold and crispy chocolate shell filled with a rich chocolate ganache