Passion. Focus. Service.

At Araya Artisan Chocolate, we proudly share some of the best things in life, from exceptional chocolate to the special connections created among those who enjoy it. We start with first-rate cacao from Venezuela, a country with a special place in the world of fine chocolate. In our hands, the cacao stars in award-winning recipes developed by Basque Culinary World Prize winner and master chocolatier Maria Fernanda Di Giacobbe. Harnessing an abundance of flavors inspired by our unique environment, the finished pieces sing on the palate. 

Our timeless chocolates are rooted in traditions of artisan-made, small-batch processes. Their profiles are bold and confident, but pair well with wine, cheese, and coffee. We believe, however, that great chocolate surpasses itself, transcending flavor. Refined, yet approachable, chocolate is something to be shared with those closest to you, as an experience. As a gift and elegant gesture, we love the way it stands out, thrilling the senses. We strive to match its sophistication and style in every luxurious presentation of our work.

As part of the joy that is sharing our craft, we seek to offer unparalleled customer service and attention to detail for every client. We energetically focus on retail locations, a growing list of corporate partners, and a robust retail distribution network of partners. Our shop is anchored in the values of strong and lasting relationships, respect, and accountability. As with our parents and grandparents who taught us these principles, we deeply value our environment and our vendors, partners, and employees, past and present.


Giusse Sicoli and the Araya Artisan Chocolate team.