Passion. Focus. Service.

We believe chocolate transcends flavor. As a gourmet experience, it should draw and take inspiration from the environment, from the elements and from its sources. As a fine piece of art, chocolate needs to be timeless. It must have strong character and personality. It should confidently stand on its own but also needs to pair well and collaborate with what it is being paired with.

We see chocolate as a refined, delicate, yet approachable and cordial experience. Something to be shared with your inner circle, those who have been there for you. We see chocolate as a journey that does not have an end.

As a brand, Araya Artisan Chocolate, is a sweet and joyous note that celebrates our family's heritage of more than two centuries of combined food industry experience. As with our parents and grandparents, our beliefs are deeply rooted in the value of strong and lasting relationships, respect, accountability, and mutual benefit. We respect, value, and appreciate the environment, our vendors, partners and employees.

We like to enjoy what we do and that is to serve our customers. We seek to offer not only the best chocolates and gifts but unparalleled customer service and attention to details.

Our main focus areas are retail locations, our growing list of corporate customers, and building a robust retail distribution network of partners.


Giusse Sicoli and the Araya Artisan Chocolate team.